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SX for Skype 0.8

SX for Skype check everything that reaches your computer through Skype
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Security Extension

SX for Skype is a program intended to check everything that reaches your computer through Skype. This program will check every message received, and will filter out those that contain elements that you choose to filter. SX can filter spam, phishing, malware, and inappropriate content (adult, porn, nudity, alcohol, violence, drugs). The program can even block potentially dangerous messages or calls coming from users on the block list. It will keep record of every call and message that went through Skype. It can even record phone calls into .MP3 files.

As with every Skype add-on, you will need to authorize the program to access Skype. After that, it will sit quietly as an icon in the system tray monitoring everything that goes through Skype. You can view the program´s status, log or settings by right-clicking on the program´s icon. The "Settings" feature will allow you to adjust the level of security you want to use, and you can define if you want to block malicious users (this information comes from the SX servers), malicious messages or file transfers.

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